Yolla is a fashion brand for women’s clothing that exists in the Israeli market since 2006. The swift pace of Tel Aviv life, where daytime business hustle smoothly transitions into evening entertainment, has set a special style for Yolla clothing. Yolla offers original women’s clothing at affordable prices, characterized by elegant cuts, original details, and soft, flowing fabrics. 

The collections meet the demands of modern women, urban dwellers who want to look dynamic, attractive, and feminine while feeling comfortable. The designs are highly practical – they pair well with each other, easily transition from casual to evening wear, and allow for the creation of individual stylish looks.


The brand draws inspiration in architectonic lines of urban view, in floral motifs and contour lines of the female body. Collections are characterised by innovative combinations of forms and materials with unique textures. At the same time, we put the quality of the fabrics and accompanying accessories, and attention to sewing process, as my top priority. Among the various items in my collections, you’ll be able to find both daring and classic outfits, that create a fresh, modern and unique look.


The brand follows the principles of slow fashion, prefering sustainable clothing over quick-passing trends. We produce locally, respecting fair working conditions.

Yolla collaborates with designer clothing boutiques throughout Israel, and organizes small home clothing sales in studio and across the country.


The brand’s founder Yula Kerner is a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Design and Arts in Jerusalem. Her art project received awards and was presented in Japan and Germany. Yolla’s conceptual fashion collection was showcased in a design competition in Pisa, and at a fashion week in Berlin. 

Yula lives in Tel Aviv with her husband and two children. In her spare time, she sings in a women’s choir and dances tango. All of these are also reflected in her designs. Recently, she added to casual-wear collections, also a line of tango clothes.